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20 year old stundent, Jagoda Nowosielska

20 year old stundent, Jagoda Nowosielska

JAGODA NOWOSIELSKA is studying for a degree in Hotel and Leisure Management at Athlone Institute of Technology – a course that has already brought her as far as Beijing!

I became interested in tourism as soon as I emigrated from Poland to Ireland with my family. Since then I have studied the English language and got to know the Irish people. In a way, moving here was my very first experience of tourism.

Why I chose the course at
 Athlone Institute of Technology was down to circumstance. Initially,
 I was accepted for International 
Languages in UCD. Languages were the 
big picture for me. However, I had just received a job offer in my hometown and I was also worried about my college payments, so I chose to study Hotel and Leisure Management closer to home. Thankfully, a friend recommended this course when he did his work placement abroad, so I felt that Hotel and Leisure Management was an option.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Athlone Institute of Technology

Broader is Sometimes Better

The course at AIT consists of accounting, business, management, hospitality and hotel modules, and there is a mix of theory and practical lessons. In short, it’s a good choice for people who are unsure about what they want to do in life. It opens many opportunities as it is so broad.

My favourite part of the course is that I had the option to study another language last year. I also appreciate that the course directly relates to my job as a shift manager in McDonald’s.

If you’re not sure of what you want to do in life, choose a course with a broad mix of subjects
— Jagoda’s Top Tip

Being in Beijing

I had the honour of representing the Department of Hotel, Tourism & Leisure Studies at AIT on a trip to China. We visited universities in Beijing and talked to students about our experiences and invited them to see Ireland.

The trip was incredible and spontaneous. I did not expect to make it as I was worried about finances, but I was keen to learn about the Chinese people, culture, laws and traditions so I made it work. I’m glad I did as it was a brilliant experience and I learned about the generosity and kindness of the Chinese people. Through my course in AIT I have been able to do things I never thought I would do!

Looking to the Future

Where do I see myself in five years time? I see myself as very successful, of course! I would love to travel all over the world and have a fruitful and rewarding career in hospitality. And with a qualification in Hotel and Leisure Management that is almost a reality.

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