Five Great Reasons to Choose Tourism

Rob Durston - Fáilte Ireland

Rob Durston - Fáilte Ireland

Did you know that tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry, attracting millions of visitors, generating billions of euro each year and providing jobs in every city and town across the country?

Tourism supports an estimated 230,000 jobs in Ireland – that’s 11% of the total workforce – and with another 40,000 jobs expected to be created over the next five years, that means there will be even more great opportunities on offer by the time you finish your education.

Here is Get a Life’s top five list of why you should consider a career in this exciting industry:

You can climb the ladder qucikly

Few industries offer the potential to rise up the career ladder as fast as tourism. You could land senior management roles or even run your own business in your 20s. If you have a passion for what you do, and you work hard and set goals you can reach the top in record time. Look for employers that will support you with training and promotions as you grow your career.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes

What do a surf school, a café, a large hotel group and a major international airline have in common? They’re all tourism businesses. Whether your ambition is to run your own tearooms or be the next Michael O’Leary the possibilities are endless.

It’s a fun industry to work in

No two days are the same in tourism. One day you could be serving superstars, the next you could be helping a couple celebrate their wedding day. If you’re sociable and you like meeting people you will love working front of house. And if you prefer to stay out if the limelight, don’t worry. There are lots of jobs behind the scenes, from accounts to IT and more.

You can earn great money

As the saying goes, money talks and there are some super perks too! When you climb the ladder you can earn a juicy pay packet.

The world is your oyster

Your experience in tourism is your passport to the world. If you can run a hotel, fly a plane, tend a bar or cook up a storm in the kitchen you will never spend long looking for work. Tourism pros are in big demand here in Ireland and all over the globe.

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